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Learning how to be a conservation leader is fun and rewarding. The Goddard Leadership Legacy Institute is packed with games, investigative studies, guest speakers, and field trips. You will learn about the value of our waters, forests, and farms, AND about how to lead your own communities to protect these resources for future generations.

Institute Highlights include:

Discover the Leader in You

• Learn about yourself and how you can best work with others

• Participate in natural challenges that help build your skills and confidence

• Become part of the solution in building sustainable communities

Water Connections

• Explore creeks to learn what plants and critters can tell you about water

• Discover what streams and trees have in common

• Create models that show how humans and nature influence water

Treemendous Forests

• Explore South Mountain and discover what it offers animals, plants, wildlife and you

• Learn why certain plants can create problems

• Develop ideas on how to help forest resources

Agriculture and You

• Explore why soil is more than just dirt

• Learn how local farms can help create healthy communities and learn how local government can protect farms and open space through land use planning efforts

• Create a Farm—Food—Feast

The Goddard Legacy

• Team presentations

• Getting projects started in your community